Energy ECS update December 2021

As Energy ECS reached the six-month mark in December 2021 and with the end of the year approaching, it is a good moment to look back on the first half year of this ECSEL JU project. With the kick-off in June 2021 Energy ECS started the project. During the first six months the project finished it work package 2: requirements, specifications & system architecture. This work package was led by Cristina Rusu from RISE. We asked Cristina a few questions about the past half year participating in Energy ECS.

How did you experience the first six months of the project?

  • Well, it was quite challenging but very interesting from the scientific point of view. ‘Challenging’ because the project started in June, just before summer holiday (July – Nordic countries, August – rest of Europe) so we had to be extra efficient with all the activities and deliverables in shorter time. It is also ‘challenging’ as the project has a wide span of topics from technologies (software, hardware) and Business to Human interface. However, we are researchers, and we like to have challenges which make the project extremely interesting scientifically.

Could you describe your experience in leading WP2?

  • It was reasonably tough, complex puzzle to solve and required more time than expected but still enjoyed it as I am lucky to have wonderful partners that make my task easier.

How did you overcome the challenges during the first six months?

  • As we had less time and a big variety of topics, together with task leaders we had to have more often (online) meetings, tighter structure, and feedback from partners. It also required from the beginning to understand the complexity of all User cases demonstrators and their interrelations as well as partners roles.

Could you describe the project collaboration in leading WP2?

  • As I mentioned, the Task leaders and key partners were helping a lot to successfully solve the complex puzzle. Communication and structure were essential in this process.

We would like to thank all the partners for their work in Energy ECS during the last half year. Looking back, it was sometimes challenging, but also inspiring to see the developments across the different use cases and work packages. Looking forward to next year!

We wish you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous 2022!

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