Second year Consortium Meeting in Cork, Ireland: A Remarkable Success

This week the Energy ECS partners gathered in Cork, Ireland for the 4th consortium meeting. Hosted by Tyndall and Net Feasa, this event brought together our esteemed partners from 8 countries, both in person and online, for focused discussions, progress evaluation and status updates, and strategic planning for final stretch of the project.

We are incredibly grateful for the active participation and invaluable contributions of all our Energy ECS partners throughout the meeting. Their cooperation and expertise have been instrumental in shaping our collective vision of innovation and sustainability.

During the meeting, the partners engaged in in-depth deliberations, evaluating upcoming use case integrations and demonstrators, refining work processes, and charting a strategic plan for the next six months and forward until the end of the joint work. Collaboration is the key, as we leveraged our collective knowledge and efforts to drive the project forward. Together, we are accelerating progress and unlocking new possibilities for a greener and more sustainable future.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to Tyndall for their exceptional hospitality and pivotal role in hosting the consortium. Tyndall offered their headquarters, where partners spent several days next to some of the most advanced labs available to researchers and general public.

It was our great honour and pleasure to co-host the Energy ECS M24 consortium meeting with Cork with Net Feasa. Delighted to see so much progress on so many use cases seeing the system integration of our respective hardware and software technologies. It was also great to have all of our Tyndall team members there in person to describe our work on our energy harvesting PMIC and battery life simulation model and have some deep dive discussions with partners on the Net Feasa intermodal transport use case. We also enjoyed great networking and some nice food and drink in the evenings out in the Irish sunshine.“, says Michael Hayes, Head of Group ICT for Energy Efficiency at Tyndall National Institute.

An exceptional highlight of the program was the tour of the Port of Cork, a long time IoT partner of Net Feasa, during which the team was very grateful for the hospitality demonstrated. The tour of the port and the new R&D facility in Ringaskiddy offered invaluable insights into the environment and foundation for the cutting-edge technology developed in the Smart Containers – Use Case 2a. “The visit allowed us to showcase our deployment success in this market to date, and the incredible potential that this developed technology will bring the dry container tracking market.”, comments Paul Geoghegan, VP Business Development, Net Feasa.

Stay tuned as we continue to share updates inspired by the fruitful discussions and collaborative endeavours from the consortium meeting in Cork, Ireland.

Net Feasa facility tour in Cork (Click the image to watch the full video!)

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