Energy ECS Project’s Successful 2nd Review Meeting and RISE Lab Visit

We are delighted to report on the recent milestone achieved by the Energy ECS project, which hosted its second review meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, on September 7, 2023. This significant event was jointly organized by RISE and TietoSE, highlighting the collaborative spirit that drives this pioneering project.

Preparation and Collaboration:
Leading up to the review meeting, on September 6th, all Work Package (WP) and Use Case (UC) leaders engaged in a comprehensive rehearsal to ensure that the presentations were finely tuned and aligned with the project’s objectives. This preparation phase underlines the dedication and commitment of the entire team to deliver impactful results.

Review Day Insights:
On the pivotal day of the review meeting (September 7th), project leaders and partners shared their remarkable progress, presenting clear demonstrations of their achievements and laying out well-defined plans for the future. This interactive exchange of insights not only showcased the project’s advancements but also provided valuable feedback from the reviewers, enhancing the project’s overall quality.

Lab Visit to RISE:
On September 8th, RISE hosted a lab visit, offering partners an exclusive opportunity to witness first-hand the cutting-edge facilities and the tangible progress made within the Energy ECS project. This visit not only strengthened partnerships but also fostered a deeper understanding of the project’s scope and potential.

The success of the second review meeting and the enlightening lab visit at RISE reflect the dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit that define the Energy ECS project. It reaffirms our commitment to pioneering advancements in the energy sector, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, driving innovation and sustainable solutions.

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