Energy ECS Kicks Off the Year with a Landmark Consortium Meeting

The dawn of the new year brought with it a defining moment for Energy ECS as we embarked on a two-day consortium meeting that would lay the path for our future endeavors.

Day 1 of the meeting was led by our insightful Use Case (UC) leaders who orchestrated in-depth preparation sessions for each UC. These conversations allowed for a granular examination of our work, ensuring that every participant was aligned and ready to contribute effectively. The meticulous preparation laid a robust foundation for the comprehensive discussions that would transpire.

As we transitioned into Day 2, the entire consortium—comprising 28 partner organizations—gathered in a spirit of collaboration and strategic foresight. It was a day dedicated to reviewing our journey thus far and planning for the imminent demonstrators that will epitomize the culmination of our project. We meticulously evaluated our progress, refined our strategies, and engaged in a vibrant exchange of ideas all aimed at propelling our Use Cases towards delivering impactful and sustainable solutions.

The breadth of expertise and the depth of commitment demonstrated by each partner organization were palpable throughout the meeting. A special acknowledgment is due to all our partners, whose contributions are not just propelling the conversation forward but actively sculpting the energy landscape of tomorrow.

As we forge ahead, more updates will be shared, shining a light on the innovative strides we continue to make as a collective. The energy sector stands on the brink of transformation, and together, we are the catalysts for this change.

Acknowledging our valued partners: Tietoevry, Aurora, FhG IMS, FhG IZM, LUAS, Merus, Net Feasa, Nokian Tyres, DTT, RISE, Straeto, Svarmi, Tyndall, Amat, aixACCT, CISC, Unikie, CSEM, Fixposition, Swiss AIrtainer, ams OSRAM, IUNET, Scantinel, AixControl, Xenergic, LGE, RoTechnology

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