Tietoevry Unveils the Path to a Greener Future with Smart Energy Solutions

As global consciousness shifts towards the urgent need for sustainability, Tietoevry, a leader in technology with a strong Nordic heritage, steps forward as a torchbearer in the journey towards a sustainable energy transition. On January 9, 2024, Tietoevry shared their vision in the compelling article, “Smarter Energy for a Green and Sustainable Energy Transition,” casting light on how technology will underpin our green future.

Rethinking Energy with Technology The article opens with a clarion call for a complete overhaul of our energy systems from a climate perspective. It underscores the necessity for efficient means to manage not only the generation but, more critically, the consumption of energy. New technologies, particularly digital solutions and artificial intelligence, are identified as key players in minimizing the environmental impact of energy usage.

Europe’s Green Momentum Europe’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and a greener future has been the driving force behind significant initiatives. In the past two years, the green transition has gained tangible traction through the large-scale deployment of digitalization in energy management.

Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Transition At the heart of these efforts is the Energy ECS project, a comprehensive three-year EU initiative with a budget of €33 million aimed at accelerating Europe’s decarbonization goals for 2050. The project exemplifies the power of collaboration, bringing together a consortium of small and mid-sized enterprises, large corporations, and research and technology organizations from across Europe.

Nordic Leadership in Sustainable Energy The Nordic countries are lauded for their efficiency in creating sustainable energy solutions. Tietoevry Finland, as the coordinator of the international initiative, has played a pivotal role in European and global advancements. Their solutions range from virtual power plants to leveraging data in decarbonizing entire cities, thereby contributing to a sustainable and decarbonized society.

The article elaborates on the digital tools and services integral to building a zero-carbon society. Network Information Systems, Energy Data Management, and Process Automation are among the innovations propelling the industry forward.

The Future is Distributed A significant focus is placed on distributed energy resources as the cornerstone of the sustainable energy transition. The article discusses how the shift towards large-scale renewable production leads to more decentralized infrastructure and the need for data-driven control to balance the unpredictable nature of weather-dependent power generation.

Microgrids: A Case Study in Innovation The concept of microgrids is explored as a solution to energy system bottlenecks and grid stability. The Energy ECS program is developing a Microgrid Fleet Management system capable of monitoring and controlling multiple microgrids, utilizing new software and AI/ML algorithms to tackle the challenges presented by energy production and storage technologies.

The article concludes by highlighting the importance of data-driven tools and algorithms in identifying optimal locations for microgrids within energy distribution networks. These innovations, developed within the Energy ECS program, are set to enrich Tietoevry’s product portfolio and enhance the collaborative partners’ offerings.

The insights shared in Tietoevry’s article not only shine a spotlight on the current state of energy transition but also offer a glimpse into the transformative journey ahead. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the energy sector, Tietoevry’s contributions will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and efficient future.

To delve deeper into Tietoevry’s vision for smarter energy and a sustainable transition, read the full article here: LINK
DOI: 10.56367/OAG-041-11201

Join us as we continue to break new ground in the energy sector and strive towards a greener, more sustainable world.

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