Use Case 1

Drone Zones – Autonomous Drone Ecosystem

DroneZones – Autonomous Drone Ecosystem

Charging of drones on e-bus rooftop and transportable photovoltaic (PV) based charging stations, including

  • the aspects of safe approaching and precise landing
  • fast charging
  • fleet control and testing

The goal of use case 1 is to expand the operational range of drones by recharging of the drone battery by several novel solutions of charging sources, charging technologies, power management, and docking.

The target is to build an ecosystem based on drones capable of missions over large geographic areas, using buses as docks to draw energy from and travel between destinations, as well as independent PV based charging stations in remote areas.

UC 1 leader: Straeto (IS)

UC 1 partners: AMAT (IT), CSEM (CH), DTT (DE), Fixposition (CH), Fraunhofer (DE), IUNET (IT), LGE (DE), Svarmi (IS), TietoEvry (FI, SE), LUAS (FI)

Use Cases Overview