Use Case 2A

Smart containers in intermodal transport

UC2A aims to improve battery life in smart containers used in intermodal transport through the development of efficient power management components and ambient energy harvesting capabilities, and the use of non-GNSS based geo location methods to minimize power consumption.

    The UC also aims to improve solar energy harvesting by developing a PV unit that combines different solar cell technologies and testing new encapsulants to mitigate degradation in harsh environments.

    Furthermore, container meta data is sent over LPWAN for cloud-based AI processing, in order to fully digitize the global supply chain, and provide new operational insights such as carbon footprint counting, at a granular level of detail not performed in the industry today.

    UC 2A leader: NetFeasa (IE)

    UC 2A partners: AMAT (IT), CSEM (CH), DTT (DE), Fraunhofer (DE), IUNET (IT), RISE (SE), RoTech (IT), TietoEvry (FI, SE), Tyndall (IE), SAT (CH)

    Use Cases Overview