Use Case 2B

Smart and light Air Cargo containers

UC 2b aims to develop a battery management system to minimize energy consumption and develop Photovoltaic Cells to render the container energy self-sustaining so as to reduce the CO2 footprint.

    The project also aims to create lightweight modules with high conversion efficiency and reduced material costs. Other goals include real-time tracking and traceability using various technologies so as to bring smartness to the container and so promote green logistics.

    UC 2B leader: SAT (CH)

    UC 2B partners: AMAT (IT), CSEM (CH), DTT (DE), Fraunhofer (DE), IUNET (IT), RISE (SE), RoTech (IT), TietoEvry (FI, SE), Tyndall (IE), NetFeasa (IE)

    Use Cases Overview