The Project


Energy ECS (Electronics, Components, Systems) project aims to enable European know-how and business based on manufacturing capabilities combining hardware, software services and data.

Energy ECS is a 3-year consortium project launched in June 2021 and it is coordinated by TietoEVRY. The consortium consists of 30 partners from eight European countries representing a wide range of technologies including battery-charging electronics, energy harvesting and real-time location controls and sensors.

The project will build on six use-cases representing different angles on future mobility and energy:


DroneZones – Autonomous Drone Ecosystem

Charging of drones on e-bus rooftop and transportable photovoltaic (PV) based charging stations.

Smart Containers in intramodal transport & Smart and Light Air Cargo Containers

Enabling the monitoring of containers by battery charging wireless sensors from renewable sources, including the aspects of PV technologies, cargo location and fleet management

Smart Mobility with E-mobility

Balancing and AI-based monitoring of microgrids specifically in connection of charging/discharging of an e-vehicle

Vehicle To Grid

Bidirectional onboard and offboard charging technologies for electric vehicles to enable smart V2G applications

Self-powered System in Tyres

Kinetic/strain energy harvesting based continuous monitoring of care tyre condition for both improved safety and autonomous driving related needs

Autonomous Driving of EV to Charging Station

E-vehicle or E-bus autonomously driving to charging station at a bus depot area, including real-time location, safe approaching and charging